Friday, October 17, 2008

2008 NG Lunar Lander Challenge Approaches

Unreasonable Rocket is done - RLV News - You can see in the Unreasonable post comments that a lot of people are cheering them on for what they've accomplished, and perhaps will accomplish later.

Northrop Grumman-Lunar Lander Challenge announcement - RLV News - Actually this post has a lot more than just the announcement. It's pretty much a 1 stop shop for getting ready for the LLC.

By the way, on the LLC site, as confirmation of Clark's identification of which teams are left, it now says Two teams are expected to fly during the competition: Armadillo Aerospace and TrueZer0.

Catch Up with John Herrington - The Launch Pad - One of the past NG LLC judges is busy doing something else this year that might not normally be considered a space event, but he's doing it with a space theme.

Space Vidcast plans to be at the event. In addition to covering the event, which, if I understood the show correctly (I was a bit confused) will be on the X PRIZE Foundation LLC Webcast site,
they hope to have a regular show that night, depending on things like travel. I'd imagine if they do have that regular show a lot of it will be a recap on the LLC, since they seem to be pretty enthused about it already.

Lunar Lander Teams To Compete For $2 Million NASA Prize - NASA

Rocket Teams: Ready Your Engines for Lunar Lander Challenge - Coalition for Space Exploration

A lot of news stations, especially in the Las Cruces area, have short pieces on the Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge. There isn't a lot of information I haven't covered already in the ones I saw, so I won't repeat them all. Here's one as a sampler:

No public access to X Prize Cup contest this year -