Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Centennial Challenges (especially NG LLC) Update

I'm not going to try to make a big round-up post for the last couple days of Centennial Challenges (mainly Lunar Lander Challenge) news, since I'm a bit short on time. Check HobbySpace/RLV News for a good overview. Here are the ones that seem like the important ones to me:

Briefs: NG-LLC articles; NASA Innovative Project Partnership - RLV News - This includes, among other relevant links, a Space VidCast interview of NASA Centennial Challenge's Andrew Petro. The interview covers most of the Centennial Challenges; I think only MoonROx and General Aviation Challenge were left out. It also covered other commercially-oriented work that NASA IPP does. He notes that they have some ideas for new prizes for next year ... but of course they'd need to have money to fund them. The interview was around half an hour.

An open source lunar lander - RLV News - In addition to the thought-provoking main subject of the post, there's a a link to a detailed recap of recent events by John Carmack. Among other things, he invites TrueZerO to the aRocket forum.

TrueZer0 wrap-up - RLV News - Hopefully they'll be able to continue with the LLC next year. There's a lot of global media and blog coverage of the 2008 LLC - I see it swamping my In Box each day. I've only linked to a small part of it these past few days. Hopefully this coverage translates into more sponsorship opportunities for them, and for the other teams.