Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lunar Lander Challenge and ISPCS Roundup - October 23, 2008

NG-LLC update... - RLV News

Photo Album: Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge, Day T-Minus-Two - The Launch Pad - This is a different Launch Pad photo album from the one I indirectly linked to yesterday. It has over 90 photos. Many space prize personalities besides the X PRIZE and LLC team members are featured, including Andy Petro from NASA Centennial Challenges, Anousheh Ansari who funded a lot of the Ansari X PRIZE, and Dave Masten from the simarly-named LLC team from past years.

I'll try to update this later today.

Update (evening):

GLXP Twitter - The GLXP Twitter is giving quick updates on LLC status. Here's a sample:

Holy Lunar Landers, Spaceman! I've been so busy today getting ready for the #NGLLC webcast... from web

In a briefing with the #NGLLC judges. from TwitterBerry

@spacevidcast is setting up now. We'll do some testing later. Want to be an audience? from TwitterBerry in reply to SpaceVidcast

Internet connections up and running. Production truck is getting ready. Twitter back online :) from web

Whole Armadillo team is here from TwitterBerry

Espace: Lunar Lander Challenge 2008 - CLeDelco - Here's an overview of the LLC in French.

More news from Las Cruces, New Mexico. - RLV News - Some of it is related to the LLC.

ISPCS 2008: Thur. Oct. 23 - Notes from morning session 2 - RLV News - includes comments from the X PRIZE Foundation's Will Pomerantz

ISPCS 2008: Thur. Oct. 23 - Notes from morning session 3 - RLV News - includes comments from Doug Comstock, NASA Innovative Partnership Program (home of Centennial Challenges and other commercially-oriented activity)

ISPCS 2008: Thur. Oct.23 - Notes from afternoon session 2 - RLV News - this one includes Peter Diamandis discussing some of his non-prize activities

Video: Will Pomerantz previews the LLC - Personal Spaceflight