Friday, October 24, 2008

Lunar Lander Challenge Win!!!! - October 24, 2008

Friday is the first lunar lander day - RLV News - This, and the linked webcast, are good places to go to find out about the LLC. That's where I'll be checking when I get a chance ... which means in the late afternoon at best.

I shouldn't forget the Launch Pad, too:

Are You Excited Yet???? - includes videos ...

Almost Here... - ... and photos

GLXP Twitter also continues to be actively posting LLC updates.

Update (evening):

Armadillo Wins! - The Launch Pad - Level 1 first place!!!!!!! ... tomorrow they go for Level 2 first place.

NG-LLC Report 16 - RLV News - As you can see from the title, there are a lot more covering the events of the day as they unfolded. These include not only the competition, but an announcement concerning Armadillo, the Rocket Racing League, and New Mexico. Here's a bit of looking to the future:

The check will be presented later in Washington DC. (Two checks if things work out tomorrow.) Remind Congress people of the value of prizes.

Armadillo Aerospace’s MOD rocket - Set 2, Flights 1 and 2 - Space VidCast with videos of Armadillo flights

TrueZerO Ignignokt Launch Attempt - Space VidCast video - It didn't work but it's pretty impressive considering how recently they started and the fact that it was their first non-tethered attempt.

Armadillo Aerospace’s MOD rocket - Set 1, Flight 1 - Space VidCast video

It's Official Now - Personal Spaceflight - just one of several updates from there.

ROCKET RACERS TARGET SPACE - Cosmic Log - This gives some context to the competition and Armadillo/RRL/N.M. annoucement.

Condolences to True Zero and Congratulations to Armadillo. - Unreasonable Rocket

Near Miss at $2-Million Lunar Lander Challenge - Wired Science - This one shows events as they stood in the middle of the day.

NG LLC News - Team Phoenicia - The teams are watching!