Monday, October 13, 2008

Lunar Lander Challenge Roundup - October 13, 2008

Unreasonable update - RLV News

TrueZer0 hover progress [Update] - RLV News

Unreasonable and TrueZer0 update; NG-LLC update - RLV News - I'm glad they explained it; at first I thought TrueZer0 found a blueberry pie in their engine.

Rocket competition moved to Las Cruces - - It's not new news, but I'm including it to show the local Las Cruces media is letting the community know what's going on with the NG LLC.

Update (afternoon): When will rocket racing take off? - The Space Review (Jeff Foust) - One of the topics is how the Armadillo RRL flights are helping that team test for the NG LLC.

Armadillo flies 90 second tethered test flights - RLV News