Tuesday, November 11, 2008

AAS National Conference

AAS National Conference and Annual Meeting - American Astronautical Society - As expected there are lots of good talks planned for this one, too. It's on November 17-19. Of special interest on this blog are the prize personalities, which appear in the Space Entrepreneurs section of the program:

10:00 Session 5: Space Entrepreneurs

Moderator: Paul Eckert, International & Commercial Strategist, Boeing IDS – Space Exploration, The Boeing Company


Thomas C. Taylor, Vice President, Lunar Transportation Systems, Inc.
Robert D. Richards, CEO, Odyssey Moon Limited
John Kohut, CEO, Astrobotic Technology Inc.
Kris Zacny, Director, Drilling and Excavation Systems, Honeybee Robotics Spacecraft Mechanisms Corporation

I've discussed the 2 Google Lunar X PRIZE teams numerous times, and today I want to take a look at the others:

Lunar Transportation Systems - This is founded by Walter Kistler and Bob Citron.

Honeybee Robotics - This is a quite different type of space entrepreneur.