Friday, November 14, 2008

Catching Up on LLC and GLXP

Here's a number of RLV News updates on LLC and GLXP teams. There's a little bit of overlap with things I've posted on before in the multi-part posts, but not too much:

Spacers in Discover Magazine - including Paul Breed from Unreasonable Rocket

Briefs: ARCA update; LunarTrex videos; Odyssey Moon and Ames lander - The Ames lander reminds one of the LLC.

Video - Pixel flight attempt and Carmack's post mortem of it

Briefs: Unreasonable plans; High performance monoprop - Unreasonable isn't being held back by any means.

Videos: BBC at Mojave Spaceport; Space law panel; TrueZer0 interview - I didn't have time to watch the whole Space law panel when it was originally posted, but it's chaired by a GLXP team member.