Thursday, December 11, 2008

Incoming Google Lunar X PRIZE Announcements

It's going to be very busy for the Google Lunar X PRIZE in a few days. In addition to the Space Tweetup and Team Summit, LunaTrex is going to have an announcement, the Mystery Team is going to be revealed, and 2 other new teams will be announced. Hopefully they've gotten any holiday preparations they planned done already.

Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle X - The Launch Pad shows a filtered video of a Mystery Team member, and gives another clue.

The Countdown has Begun - Mystery Team

Two New Google Teams Along With Unveiling of Mystery Team - Parabolic Arc

More cometitors for Google Lunar X Prize - Cnet News (link from Parabolic Arc)

More Google Lunar X PRIZE teams - RLV News

Google Lunar X PRIZE to Announce Three New Competitors in San Jose, CA -- Next Week
Three Announcements to Be Made at Two Separate Locations: One at Google Headquarters, the Other at NASA AMES, Mystery Team Will Be Revealed
- MarketWatch

Google 'Mystery Team' Evidence Decoded - Can You Name This Man? - Space Disco (Discovery Channel) - A little image processing may give another clue.