Tuesday, December 16, 2008

List of Student Competitions

This Week in Ed Tech - This blog features a list of competitions for K-12 students. A lot of the competitions are relevant to the traditional math-engineering-science view of space, and most of the rest are relevant to the broader view of space a lot of advocates hope to help bring about.

I'll just feature a few of the contests:

2009 Challenge: Explore the Volcano! - Tech Challenge:

Scientists would benefit from having a low-cost device to transport sensor packages to the center of a volcano. This low-cost delivery device does not need to make a round trip - it simply needs to deliver the payload to the desired location without damaging it. After that, it can remain in the volcano.

Your challenge is to design a simple device that can safely deliver a small payload to a specific target inside a volcano. Of course, we don't have a real volcano at The Tech, so we have created a simulated one for this challenge. Check out the
drawings of the volcano Test Rig.

World of Escher - This link takes you to their hall of fame from past contests.

The Fountainhead Essay Contest - Ayn Rand Institute