Monday, December 29, 2008

Mystery Scientist

Greetings from Mare Ingenii - Bad Astronomy/Universe Today Forum - We now know who the Google Lunar X PRIZE Mystery Team is, but who is this?

Let's just be minimalist for the moment, and on a strictly "need to know" basis, allow me to introduce myself to this celebrated forum as a humble planetary scientist of some reputation. I am degreed in astronomy and geology and am overpaid for working for a small start-up company presently headquartered at Research Triangle Park between Durham and Raleigh in North Carolina. I'm also spending too much time, of late, at something called the Global TransPark, to the east. My present project is work in support of two teams qualified to compete for the Google Lunar X-Prize, which lately seems, at least in their cases, more attainable than I would have dreamed possible at this stage. (WAY ahead of schedule.)