Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Space Prize Roundup - December 9, 2008

I've been a bit busy, so I'll just offer some quick links and comments today:

Rocketeers cleared for lift-off with new FAA rules - New Scientist (Henry Spencer) - Implications for Lunar Lander Challenge teams and similar ventures are mentioned.

Griffin’s commercialization legacy - The Space Review covers Griffin's speech at the Armadillo Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge ceremony. One of the sections of the article is "the value of prizes".

If I had 10 million dollars - Geordi Calrissian

Silicon Valley Space Tweetup - Sunday Decembr 14 - The Launch Pad - During the next Google Lunar X PRIZE Team Summit:

... we're having a little impromptu get-together for the local space community. ... The event will be Sunday, December 14, at St. Stephen's Green in Mountain View, CA. The event is open to the public. Food and beverage are NOT provided, but are available in abundance.

We Need Your Help for Teachers in Space - Space Frontier Foundation - I think it's a recent post (they don't have timestamps). Some Lunar Lander Challenge teams are supporters.

2nd International Conference on Space Elevator and CNT Tether Design - Space Elevator Blog - The abstracts from the conference featured a lot of talks about, or by people involved with, the Space Elevator Games.

One Year Anniversary of first Google Lunar X PRIZE Team Announcement (Odyssey Moon) - Lunar C/I

Masten Space update - RLV News - This includes videos, pictures, and internship news.