Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mars Methane, Interview, CubeSat, and Rover

Briefs: Chances for Martian methane microbes; Mars quarantine? -RLV News - This post full of Mars information had me checking out the Mars Society site, and it turns out there are some new prize-related items there:

Is Your University Up to the Challenge? - The deadline to sign up for this year's Mars Society Unversity Rover Challenge is approaching.

Happy 200(3)³ - This summarizes many recent events and plans for the TEMPO³ project. The whole project is in a sense a space prize since it started by winning a Mars Society contest. There's even more, though:

Be on the lookout for our outreach contest announcement, where you get to compete for prizes by talking to groups of people about TEMPO³!

From Facebook: ... And I promise, competition annoucements are coming soon! :-) ... At 100 members, we will have a prize for the group member who is on the "mutual friends" list of the most other members. ...

There are more interesting items on prototype hardware, a possible

scientific sub-mission for TEMPO³, involving multiple partnerships and potential funding

and possible participation in the CubeSat Developers' Workshop in San Luis Obispo, California and the SmallSat Conference in Logan, Utah.