Thursday, January 29, 2009

Masten Intership Updates

Briefs: Masten Space update; Euro space tourism studies - RLV News

Long overdue update Part 1 - RocketDeech - Not only was his update long overdue, but my link to his post is also way late - his post was in early December as his Masten internship was finishing up.

Happy 2009! - Colin Ake:

This year, I graduate Georgia Tech with an undergrad in Management. That means I have to find gainful employment or move back to the parents’ place. I think they’d probably prefer me to find gainful employment. I’m interning this semester with Masten Space Systems, learning from Michael Mealling, their VP of Business Development and helping him manage his workflow. ... In April I’m going out to Phoenix to the Space Access Conference - I’m looking forward to meeting some more people in the new space industry and hearing some very smart people speak about the industry and where it’s at. I’ve always been interested in space (I have Dad to thank for that) and I’d LOVE to work in the industry over the next few years doing the business side of things.

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Barcamp Atlanta 2008:

Recent Happenings in Commercial Space Development
Michael Mealling

I'm going to go over recent events in the commercial space industry such as XCOR's XRacer, Bigelow's inflatable habitats, and Masten Space's XA 0.1 flights.


VOIP on the iPhone
Colin Ake

A look at different VOIP/SIP solutions for the iPhone, including the iCall beta, Fring, Truphone, and some of the web-based applications. I'll summarize each solution, compare them to each other, complain about some lacking features, and attempt to demo a few things.