Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ocean Engineering at the MIT X PRIZE Lab

It's a bit late to actually go to this unless you're Marty McFly, but it sounds like it must have been an interesting workshop. Hopefully the X PRIZE folks let us know how it went:

X PRIZE Lab “Deep Dive” Ocean Prizes Workshop
MIT Center for Ocean Engineering (another view)

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X Prize Lab - Ocean Prizes IAP Workshop
Register Today!

January 7-8, 2009

Join us for an exciting and interactie workshop looking at how prizes could open up the oceans for revolutionary new exploration and science.

If you are interested in the deep sea, exploration, oceanography, autonomous vehicles, manned submersibles, marine biology, marine chemistry, new frontiers, innovatio, incentives, or just stimulating conversations, register today.

The panel will include: Graham Hawkes, Sylvia Earle and David Gallo!

Big Google Earth Announcement with Al Gore and More - Google Earth Blog - Sylvia Earle is also part of this announcement. If it's a big announcement on Google Earth, it's sure to be interesting, and if it's dealing with the oceans (which seems pretty likely) even better. Will there be any prizes in the mix? I have no idea.

X PRIZE Lab at MIT notes that the Spring 2009 class is on Bionics.

Here's the Fall 2008 Syllabus and the class page on X PRIZE Workshop: Grand Challenges in Energy. There are some impressive instructors for that class.