Friday, January 23, 2009

Prize Roundup - January 23, 2008

NSS Space Elevator Team News - 1-18-2009 - We finally recieved a copy of the BBC Show that we were part of. Here's a clip of it. James May is the super-brilliantiant host of Top Gear on the BBC.

See the link for the actual clip.

SpaceX donates launch to Heinlein microgravity competition - RLV News has more details on the competition from SpaceX.

Free Patches from Anousheh Ansari's ISS Mission - The Launch Pad

Mapping Space on Earth, a #FFD Friday Funday Wrapup - The Launch Pad

Cambridge Making Carbon Nanotube Ribbons at Centimeter Lengths... - Next Big Future

Industrial Scale Production of Cambridge Carbon Nanotube Tethers Will Enable Hypersonic Skyhooks and Better Moon and Mars Space Elevators - Next Big Future

Laser Launch on Next Big Future - LaserMotive (Beam Power team):

The Next Big Future blog talks about Jordin’s work on space launch via laser array. The post talks about his NIAC report, and various presentations and discussions that have happened in the intervening years. If you’re not familiar with laser launch, the post is a reasonable introduction to the idea and the work Jordin has done on it.

Enter the Popular Science Invention Awards! -

The Car of the Future Promised for October - Wired on Aptera (Automotive X PRIZE team) - link from X PRIZE Foundation

NAME THAT MARS ROVER - Cosmic Log - I already mentioned the contest a few days ago, but Cosmic Log has more details.