Saturday, January 10, 2009

X PRIZE Cars Blog Begins Focus on In-Depth Posts

Although the news roundups are over, X PRIZE Cars continues the in-depth posts:

Videos - Tesla, Aptera, Peter Diamandis - The Musk and Diamandis videos may be of interest to people here solely for the space content, too, given their other projects. I briefly mentioned the Diamandis video on the actual talk last month, if it looks familiar.

Business Plan Requirements for the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize - X PRIZE Cars looks into the tradeoffs. The requirements are needed if the contest is going to achieve its main goal of fuel-efficient cars that are on the market, but it would be a shame if the requirement drives away teams that aren't interested in making car companies. Such teams could still introduce useful innovations. Some might even be interested in business at the component level. It would be nice if there were a PAXP prize class to encourage such teams.

Major Carmakers Invited to Join "Demonstration Division" of Automotive X Prize - Speaking of new PAXP classes ... This post covers a new X PRIZE Foundation effort to encourage the major car companies (besides Tata Motors) to join the competition. Will it work? From the post:

Can you think of any way to get the major carmakers to participate? I'm sure the Automotive X Prize folks would love to get an email with an innovative new way to get the majors involved... maybe what we need is a prize contest for ideas on how to get GM to race the Volt (pictured at NAIAS 2008) in the Automotive X Prize...