Monday, February 09, 2009

Prize Roundup - February 9, 2009

sh00ting-st4rs - This journal features an internship involving lunar regolith diggers and lunar landers at NASA MSFC.

Gregory Pappas of Chicago, Ill., Named Special Advisor to The American College - Greek News -
... He also serves on the Advisory Council of the X Prize Foundation ...

International Aerial Robotics Competition - Wiki

Space tourism contests - RLV News - In the comments to the Popular Mechanics article, there's a mention of a Rovers on the Moon student essay contest and a Google Lunar X PRIZE team sponsorship.

Briefs: Unreasonable update; Euro space tourism challenges - RLV News

The X PRIZE Foundation has some posts about TED:

The Odds are Good, but... - The Launch Pad

X PRIZE at TED and a Crazy Green Idea - Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE blog

Here's another from the PIAXP:

Progressive Automotive X PRIZE at The Washington Auto Show