Saturday, February 14, 2009

SINC '09 Competitions

A number of space competitions are featured at the SEDS India National Conference '09 on Feb 28-Mar 1:

1. NS3 (National Small Satellite Symposium):- The National Small Satellite Symposium is an effort by SEDS India to bring together university students interested in satellite technology on a common platform for a better and collaborative effort towards contributing to the National Space Programme. Many Indian universities have been making efforts to bring space technology to the students through involvement in projects like nano- satellite design, payload design for sounding rockets etc. Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) also aims to involve more graduate and under-graduate students in the national space programme, thus bettering their interest in space technology. Read more

3. CanSat:- The workshop about CanSat’s (A lower atmosphere study projectile) will gain hands-on experience in development of a CanSat!!... A competition focuses on the testing various possible designs for subsystems such as the sensor module, the communication module and the ejection & landing module. Read more

4. Lunar-Trek:- This competition calls for the young engineers of India to build a Moon Rover. A problem statement will be defined, and a moon-like arena built, to pit the rovers against the tough lunar terrain and check their performance! Read more

7. Spac-E-Mulate:- This competition requires the participants to solve a space-related physics problem and simulate results on programming platform. Discrete data about certain event in a space mission will be provided along with a problem statement.Read more

As you can see from the numbering there are a lot of other events, too.

It may not be obvious why I included the Small Satellite Symposium unless you follow the link. Here's part of what you'll find if you do:

1.Satellite Design Review: The design reviews of student satellites under progress in the country. Teams of 5. Prizes will be given to best subsystem from amongst all designs. There will also a prize for the best overall design. The design review will be done subsystem wise i.e. a particular subsystem of all teams will be presented first, then moving on to the other subsystems.

SINC '09 broucher (PDF)
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