Monday, March 30, 2009

Goddard Memorial Scholarship for Robotics Student

Ross Finman given scholarship for exploratory space research - The Tartan (Carnegie Mellon University student paper):

Junior electrical and computer engineering student Ross Finman was awarded the Robert H. Goddard Memorial Scholarship, a scholarship issued by the National Space Club that is given to a student interested in space-related science and engineering.
Finman explained that he had been interested in space technology since he was 12 years old and received his first Lego Mindstorms kit, which he used to build robots until his fingers bled.
Finman is involved in a number of activities that go along with his interests in space technology. He has participated in the Google Lunar X-Prize, which is a $20 million competition where teams compete to send a robot to the moon and send images of the moon back to Earth, and is also working on the NASA Regolith Excavation challenge dealing with obtaining dirt from the moon.

“The Google Lunar X-Prize team has taught me more in two years than I could have imagined in my entire educational career,” Finman said.