Friday, March 06, 2009

Prize Roundup - March 6, 2009

Peter Kokh Has Won The Gerard K. O’Neill Award - National Space Society Blog

TRUMPF Inc. Tweets from TECMA - Industrial Laser Solutions - TRUMPF Inc.'s profile, launched this week at, is believed to be a first for social networking in the metal fabricating industry. ... In addition, Doar says that TRUMPF will be atwitter at the upcoming Space Elevator games at Cape Canaveral, Florida, in late April. TRUMPF is one of the event sponsors, and the company's TruDisk technology will be utilized at the competition.

Recall the note on the time and place of the 2009 Space Elevator Games being not quite settled yet.

The Ever Inventive Saul Griffith - Business Week (link from X PRIZE Foundation) -

Griffith and his staff of 30 engineers believe that wind can play a much bigger role in the energy revolution if they can harness the more powerful winds 1,000 to 3,000 feet up, which contain more energy per square foot than any other renewable source. They are developing wing-shaped kites to do just that.

This also includes a video interview and a Make Magazine video tour of Squid Labs (which apparently has the Origin of Species text on a wall, among other things).

E85: The Flex-Fuel Challenge - This is a contest, and here's how it works: produce a video, take a photo, or write a song about renewability (and hey- if E85 flex-fuel is part of the story, we wouldn't mind a bit).

Briefs: ARCA engine tests; Unreasonable tests; Biodiesel launch - RLV News

Meeting the 100mpg challenge - Automan, Oman's Car Magazine (link from X PRIZE Foundation)