Sunday, March 01, 2009

Prize Teams Make Strong Showing at Space Access '09

Space Access '09 Conference - RLV News - In addition to the talks with prize connections (that I detect; there may be others) that I listed in my post on Space Access '09 Program Additions, the latest update on the list of confirmed Space Access '09 speakers includes the following:

Charles Pooley/Microlaunchers (and other N-Prize contestants)
TrueZer0/Scott Zeeb and Todd Squires

TrueZero is a Lunar Lander Challenge team, so if my count is correct the LLC has a very strong showing of 6 (past and present?) teams at the conference this year. Maybe with so many LLC teams there will be some kind of meeting with X PRIZE Foundation and/or NASA Centennial Challenges representatives? That's what I'd do, at least.

In the "other N-Prize contestants" department, as noted here, Kiwi 2 Space was at Space Access '08 and plans to be there for '09.