Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Space Access 2009 Pre-Conference Schedule

The Space Access Society site was updated today with the latest Preliminary Program Schedule. The program now includes tentative times for the talks, as well as some new talks. It looks like the Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge and the N-Prize both are still going to be featured heavily. Some of the talks related to prizes (past or current teams, or programs that feature contests) include:

Thursday April 2nd
4:30 Unreasonable Rocket/Paul Breed (... and by the way RLV News has the latest from Unreasonable Rocket)
5:25 SpeedUp/Bob Steinke
9:00 Monroe King, N-Prize Contestant: Team Prometheus/Aeronautic Enterprises Inc.

Friday April 3rd
4 pm BonNova/Bob Noteboom
4:45 TrueZer0/Scott Zeeb and Todd Squires
8:50 Iain Finer, N-Prize Contestant: Team Kiwi 2 Space
9:10 Ed Wright, Teachers in Space's Astronaut Teacher Course Design Workshop

Saturday April 4th
11:20 Armadillo Aerospace/John Carmack
2:40 Masten Space/Dave Masten
4:55 Charles Pooley, N-Prize Contestant: Microlaunchers

That's just a sampling of the program; see the above link for the rest of the schedule. There are a lot more that sound interesting; for example, "NASA Ames Human Tended Suborbital Science/Yvonne Cagle and Bruce Pittman". Here's a link to the NASA Ames SUBORBITAL EX site (EX standing for EXperiences, EXperiments, and EXplorations). Irene Klotz noted a couple months ago about some preliminary human-tended suborbital science proposals being reviewed by NASA that "... a decision about which projects will receive funding for additional study is expected around March."

Here are some recent related Space Show radio interviews:

N-Prize's Dr. Paul Dear

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