Saturday, April 18, 2009

Masten and Unreasonable

Post Space Access Technical Update - Jon Goff at Masten Space Systems

In this post, Jon mentions a Mojave Fly-in and Space-in on April 18 (today). He links to Yuri's Night Joins Mojave's Plane Crazy Saturday on April 18th - Mojave Skies -

All Mojave-based space development companies have been invited to display their rocketry hardware, and several have already committed to doing so. This is in addition to the usual display of not-so-usual aircraft which Mojave has come to be known for. Be sure to join us for an opportunity to see some of the hardware that's been lurking behind a number of Mojave's closed hangar doors!

Michael Mealling of Masten Space Systems gives an update on his team - The Launch Pad

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