Thursday, April 23, 2009

News and Links Care of Twitterers

Pomerantz - Cool! Purdue students present plans for 3 different #GLXP vehicles (working with team Lunatrex):

Pomerantz - Fun new video from Armadillo: intentionally destabilizing a methane rocket to see how it handles. (via aRocket) #NGLLC

Also see Armadillo test video - RLV News.

Regolith_Chal - And the blog post with updated draft rules...

Pomerantz - Bostonians: @kdavidian & I, among others, will be speaking at the Museum of Science's "One Giant Leap" event!

Here's more on that event from the above link:

with Doug Cooke, associate administrator for exploration systems, NASA; Ken Davidian, "Encourage, Facilitate, and Promote" program lead, FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation; Joanne Gabrynowicz, JD, director, National Center for Remote Sensing, Air and Space Law, The University of Mississippi; William Pomerantz, senior director for space projects, X Prize Foundation; Moderated by Spencer Reiss, contributing editor, Wired Magazine.

mmealling - <-- StartupWeekend at NewSpace 2009 at NASA Ames in July

In other conference news: NewSpace 2009 to hold $5000 business plan competition - RLV News

glxp - Just found this blog post from a new #GLXP convert. Good writeup, complete with predictions:

Bob_Richards - Big Twitter pulse on stories of Odyssey Moon's @glxp lunar lander work with NASA