Sunday, April 12, 2009

Prize Roundup - April 12, 2009

Video interview with John Carmack - RLV News points to a Personal Spaceflight interview of John Carmack at what looks like the pool next to the Space Access conference room at the Grace Inn.

Nick Fontaine ~ MIT IDEAS Competition Inspires! - Maximizing Progress

Win Lunch with Legend Astronaut John Glenn in a Charity Auction - SpaceRef -

Hall of Fame Astronaut John Glenn is putting himself on the auction block to raise money for college scholarships for top engineering and science students through the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation's online Auction of Astronaut Experiences & Memorabilia opening today at
The Glenn lunch is one of eight astronaut experiences featured in this auction. Bidders also have the opportunity to win astronaut autographs from the likes of Neil Armstrong and artifacts that flew in outer space and to the surface of the moon! More than 50 astronauts in all have donated items from their personal collection or signed artifacts for this worthy endeavor.

4th Annual Workshop and Flight Competition - US - European MAV -

The IMAV09 flight competition is made up of two distinct competition events:

The first is an indoor event designed to test the capabilities of flapping wing, rotary wing, and VTOL micro air vehicles against various challenges faced in indoor or urban environments. These challenges range from autonomous operations in confined spaces created by the interior of a building, to controlled navigation through wind gusts, to automated maneuvering and control.

The second is an outdoor event designed for fixed wing, rotary wing, and VTOL micro air vehicles. The set of challenges associated with the outdoor event tests the capabilities of the system to operate in open areas at a distance and to effectively utilize onboard/off-board sensors to meet various technical requirements.