Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Prize Roundup - April 22, 2009

Updates from the National Space Society (NSS) Space Elevator Team - Space Elevator Blog

Be an Integral Astronomer - Competition - SpaceRef - Participants will use data obtained by the Integral space observatory to investigate objects in one of the most active regions of our Galaxy.

Here's the ESA page for this competition. From the "Your Mission" link: Your mission is to examine INTEGRAL observations of variable X-ray sources in the Galactic Bulge, to interpret the data, to search for evidence of variability, and to report on your research.

Briefs: High power plasma thruster; Odyssey Moon - RLV News

Prize4Life Introduction from CEO Avi Kremer - Prize4Life Blog - In its almost three years of existence, Prize4Life has already become a major player in ALS. We’re funding two one million dollar prizes that each address significant research gaps.

The "Prize" in Prize4Life - Prize4Life Blog - The first prize that we launched was the ALS Biomarker Prize Challenge ... We are now excited to announce that we have received 12 submissions for the ALS Biomarker Prize challenge, all of which have been reviewed by our Scientific Advisory Board. ... teams competing come from ... Australia, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Russia, and the US. We will be making a public announcement regarding the status of this prize challenge in two weeks, so tune back into this blog for further updates.