Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Prize Roundup - April 8, 2009

I'm going to be offline for a day or 2 during some house work, so I thought I'd get a quick RoundUp/CatchUp post in:

Pete Conrad Spirit of Innovation Award Winners - SpaceRef shows a press release with the winners in the Personal Spaceflight, Lunar Exploration, and Renewable Energy categories.

ROCKET RACERS TAKE IT SLOWER - Cosmic Log - This update, which features some news from Space Access '09, also features Lunar Lander Challenge team Armadillo Aerospace and hints on when the Lunar Lander Challenge will happen this year.

Armadillo's Space Access 2009 video - RLV News

Peter Diamandis twitter: There are lots of quick but interesting tidbits here. The recent ones:

AI physician or Doc in a Box... diagnose as well as any 10 board certified docs

great meetings working on an Artificial Physician X PRIZE for the developing world

Today we announced 111 teams from 11 Nations entering 136 vehicles into the Progressive Auto X PRIZE! Great WSJ article

Just back from great meetings at the White House briefing OSTP & OMB on Progressive Auto X PRIZE, Health Care X PRIZE and our top 20 ideas!

There's a lot more news about the 111 registered Automotive X PRIZE teams that Dr. Diamandis mentioned:

Full List of Automotive X Prize Teams - X PRIZE Cars blog
111 Teams Get Green Light to Advance in Multimillion Dollar Competition - Progressive Automotive X PRIZE press release
Progressive Auto X PRIZE Team to Live Blog on Thursday, April 9 - Progressive Automotive X PRIZE blog
Teams Race to Build Super-Fuel-Efficient Car - Wall Street Journal online (link from X PRIZE Foundation)

Here are some other X PRIZE Foundation twitters (besides the ones I already have on the right):

I2I - (Incentive to Innovation conference)

Here's another Google Lunar X PRIZE team on Twitter:


From the Space Elevator Chat:

Ted Semon, President, International Space Elevator Consortium (ISEC) & the owner of the Space Elevator Blog
April 7 ...
Topic: The International Space Elevator Consortium & other news
The transcript will be available April 8.

A couple of the other chats were rescheduled/postponed.