Friday, May 01, 2009

Prize Roundup - May 1, 2009

Responsive Space 7 was held April 27-30, including RS7 Student Scholarship. From the program:

A Novel Spacecraft Standard for a Modular Nonsatellite Bus in an Operationally Responsive
Space Environment (STUDENT AWARD) — David Voss, Boston University

Implementation Challenges and Strategies for Responsive Space Architectures (STUDENT
AWARD) — Zoe Szajnfarber, MIT

Two Wicomico High School Teams to Compete in Final Round of the Team America Rocketry Challenge - SBYNews

Prizes up and products down - Professional Fundraising

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The linked High Powered Rocketry blog gives an overview of the N-Prize and a hypothetical plan for winning the prize. It also notes that they're starting a new blog on the N-Prize, so we can expect to see more in the future on that prize there: N Prize Blog.

N-Prize team Aerosplice asks

Why is the Aerosplice approach better?

First Parts turned out good! - Prometheus (N-Prize team)

2009 Nebula Awards - Science Fiction Awards Watch - This is one of the big SF awards, given by members of the SF author community (specifically the SFWA) so there are a number of other posts about it at SFAW.

Briefs: Horizons mag; X-51 update; Astrobotic update - RLV News

Briefs: WK2 and media; Masten Space vids - RLV News