Thursday, May 14, 2009

Prize Roundup - May 14, 2009

I may add to this morning roundup post later today.

Here's the CAFE Foundation blog. They run the Aviation Centennial Challenges for NASA. I linked to a post on this blog earlier, but I wasn't able to actually connect to it and check it at the time.

The most recent CAFE Foundation and PAV News item is on the NASA Ames Workshop (I assume the same one Pete Worden twittered about) covering environmentally-friendly aviation technology. CAFE discussed their Aviation Green Prize.

Briefs: Team Italia in GLXP; TEMPO3 test from balloon - RLV News

Batteries survive cryogenic freezing. - Astrobotic at the Google Lunar X PRIZE Teams site - One of the areas of this prize that I find the most interesting is the full lunar day/night bonus prize, but I haven't seen much news about it. The technology shown in the video and text at this post may help.

Dean McLaughlin's novella “Tenbrook of Mars” wins Analog magazine AnLab Award - Marooned - Science Fiction books on Mars

The latest from the KC Space Pirates - Space Elevator Blog

A few more prizes - Conservation International on The Great Turtle Race

MIT IDEAS 2009 Winners ~ Eight Promising Protos - Maximizing Progress
MIT Imaging Ventures ~ 2009 Finale Proposals - Maximizing Progress
SolSource ~ Novel Solar Cooker Wins St Andrews - Maximizing Progress on the $75,000 St Andrews Prize for the Environment
MIT $100K Finale 2009 ~ 20 Years of Venturing! - Maximizing Progress

Winners of Panoramio Contest of December 2008 - Panoramio Blog - The picture for the post is one of the honorable mention ones. I didn't have trouble picking the space theme picture this time, although one of the others sure has an "other-worldly" feel to it. As usual, check them out in Google Earth or Google Maps (the site makes it easy to do this).

Pomerantz: RT @jeff_foust: Odyssey Moon's lunar greenhouse gets mentioned in a trade pub for the produce industry (!):

PeterDiamandis: just landed in SFO... long day, Detroit and Dallas. visited Carmack @ Armadillo

i_2_i: @PeterDiamandis is blogging about i2i at @innoCentive #i2i

Bob_Richards: At The Planetary Society. Thinking of Carl sitting at the table where we talked of many possibilities

More fun hair hijinks at Masten, I assume in celebration of their milestone tethered flight:

colinake: Orsen is cutting @rocketplumber's hair... Here's an intermediate step.

jeff_foust: In addition to their normal tasks, the ISS crew is going to be involved in the Eurovision music contest:

Doug_Comstock: - Jackson getting his savings bond for winning the essay contest. Just a few minutes to launch!