Thursday, May 07, 2009

Prize Roundup - May 7, 2009

Here are some Lunar Lander Challenge updates:

News and Things.. - Unreasonable Rocket

Masten Space engine test video - RLV News

Armadillo Aerospace update - RLV News

Pomerantz twitter points out the following: African Missions to the Moon and Mars. In addition to space, that discussion touched on the Healthcare X PRIZE, and another Pomerantz tweat(?) is about Health Value Messaging - The Single Sentence Statement from the Healthcare X PRIZE blog, where the crisp, easily explained goals of the space X PRIZEs are compared to the Healthcare one on health value.

There are a number of other posts at the Healthcare X PRIZE blog, including this one interviewing another well-known person in the space field: Health Innovators: Esther Dyson on improving "Health".

i2i Speaker Spotlight: Dwayne Spradlin, President and Chief Executive Officer, InnoCentive - I2I blog (open innovation/prize conference blog)

I've mentioned this before, but FYI InnoCentive has an active blog: Perspectives on Innovation.