Monday, May 18, 2009

Twitter Roundup - May 18, 2009

nataliaenvy: Really excited to see Maker Faire Africa sprouting! A truly global movement of DIY/Ingenuity/Innovation!

Help Create the Maker Faire Africa Logo (Win $250)

Logo - African Gadget Conference - 99designs - You can search the site for all sorts of other contests for logos, web page graphics, and so on.

dmasten: BTW, static test to verify some changes, then on to another tether flight test.

Dang. Just about to do the static test, word from tower TStorm moving in. Battening down the hatches.

milesobrien: @mmealling Apollo on steroids...without the steroids

mmealling: @milesobrien that's one of my beefs with the entire Constellation program. Nothing is meant to leave infrastructure in place....

Plus, I plan to add a few more entries to the twitter list:

interorbital - Randa Milliron - CEO/CoFounder, Interorbital Systems and Trans Lunar Research
SynergyMoon - Google Lunar XPRIZE entrant Team Synergy Moon

Frank4 - Frank Taylor - Google Earth Blogger and sailor. Also read

xenijardin - Curator of Internet Esoterica, Anomalies, and Curiosities. BB co-editor, Boing Boing Video host/exec producer.