Thursday, June 18, 2009

Prize Roundup - June 17-18, 2009

The pre-Space Elevator games action continues at the Dryden Flight Research Center:

@NASAPrize - setting up winch on the lakebed at dryden
Snagged! - Space Elevator Games
Status... - Space Elevator Blog
@SEGames - Laser testing happening in 2 different places (2 different lasers). I'm sticking with the LaserMotive test for now.

Those are just the latest posts/tweets; check the histories for more.

A video... - Regolith Excavation Challenge - Here is a video with some interesting information about excavation systems that have been tested by NASA, and some of the things they are considering using them for. Featured is NASA's Rob Mueller, who has participated on our panel of judges for the Regolith Excavation Challenge every year since it's beginning in 2007.

University Students Win NASA/NIA Moon Design Competition - press release on SpaceRef - Students from Georgia Tech, North Carolina State University, and the University of Maryland took first place honors in the 2009 Revolutionary Aerospace Systems Concepts Academic Linkage or RASC-AL contest sponsored by NASA and the National Institute of Aerospace (NIA). ... In the graduate division a team of Georgia Tech and North Carolina State University students studying at NIA won first place for their project titled, "Reusable Lunar Transportation Architecture Utilizing Orbital Propellant Depots." ... First place for the undergraduate division went to the University of Maryland for their project called, "Project ASHLAIN: A Lunar Flying Vehicle for Rapid Universal Surface Access."

White House Calls for Prize Suggestions - The Launch Pad

@PeterDiamandis - great meetings with BT on innovation here in Singapore. Anousheh, just spoke about her Space Adventures flight!

Unreasonable update - RLV News

@jeff_foust - Congrats to Craig Covault of Spaceflight Now for winning 2009 Aerospace Journalist of the Year Award for Space:

@mahsataheran - @Pomerantz BTW, I heard you work on debris prize... I work on technical issues on collision prediction.Told nicole about it
@Pomerantz - @mahsataheran Yes, that's definitely green on my avatar! And thanks for passing on suggestions about debris--it's something of interest...
@Pomerantz - @
fox_in_space No, no more details--it's just something on our radar screen for a potential future prize.

@Doug_Comstock - Heading to London to give a speech Thursday at the UK National Healthcare System (NHS) Innovation Expo on healthcare innovations from space.
Gave speech this morning at the NHS Innovation Expo in London. Doing several press interviews on how space exploration drives innovation.