Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Prize Roundup - June 2-3, 2009

Vertica Takeoff and Landing looking up - RLV News - This gives an assessment of the current state of play in this niche, including the Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge.

@cswiki - List of suborbital launch vehicle companies/teams now at full compliment of 11 at Next up, orbital LV companies.

The list now includes even more Lunar Lander Challenge teams.

Masten Space makes 60 sec tethered test flight - RLV News

A Very Successful Lunar Lander Eggs Prize - Omega Envoy at Google Lunar X PRIZE Teams page (discussing a contest they held at the 2009 ISDC)

SYNERGY MOON Launch Providers Speak at LA Adventurers' Club - SYNERGY Moon at Google Lunar X PRIZE Teams page

To The Moon, By Way Of MIT - Red Orbit -

Another forward-looking project is one led by former astronaut Hoffman, who is working with a team including MIT students that plans to compete in the Google Lunar X-Prize Competition. ... The MIT team's approach involves using a unique "hopper" design. The craft would land, like the Apollo module, using a retro-rocket to control its descent. But then it would re-light the rocket, rise a short distance and move across the surface before making a second landing.

The article also discusses the Giant Leaps Apollo celebration at MIT with many prominent speakers and interesting-sounding events.

Briefs: Laliberte confirmed; GLXP LunaTrex team - RLV News

IEEE Spectum space podcasts - RLV News - One of the podcasts is on the Carnegie Mellon University entry in the Google Lunar X PRIZE.

'Nascar in the Sky' Still Taxiing - Forbes covers the Rocket Racing League during a tough business environment.

Team agreement updated with new deadlines - Reglolith Excavation Challenge

@segames - Back in bay area. Dryden have located cable parachute for us. Have another volunteer, have to pull the trigger on major items tomorrow.

In Lancaster, more meetings tomorrow at the base - detailed planning of test procedures, airfield briefing.

Met with Aris's crew today, went over plans and options. Saw the helicopter, pictures soon on the blog (http://www.SpaceElevatorGam...)

Status Report - Engine 58, Cables, Parachutes - Space Elevator Games

junk - Space Elevator Games:

As explained before, when preparing the games, we need to coordinate our lasing activities with the Laser Clearinghouse, so we know that we don’t accidentally illuminate a satellite. By the time our laser beam reaches orbital altitudes (let’s say 200 km) it is very dispersed – about 200 meters across – but it can still pose a risk to sensitive downwards looking optical equipment (wink wink nudge nudge). The Laser Clearinghouse is a Department of Defense service whose purpose is to coordinate lasing activities above the horizon, so that commercial lasing activity is not impeded. ...

I'll also note that the site lists the Tether Challenge as being held on 8/13 in Seattle, where the Space Elevator Conference is being held. I haven't heard of any contenders this year, though.

@glxp - The bad news: I've had a crazy busy day. The good news: we've got some exciting news for you all very very soon.

Yikes. Been in #i2i all-hands meetings this afternoon. I come out and the skies are dark and there's thunder. In Los Angeles!

Also, you should start following @i_2_i ... why? Because yours truly will be tweeting from it next week from the United Nations.

@PeterDiamandis has some ideas to cure his plane travel woes:

5 cities in 2 days... mega tired of planes... now a 3 hr ground delay @ Dulles! teleportation x PRIZE??

and... yes i do delegate... and we have brainstormed a hypersonic X PRIZE

nickyjor - RT @glxp: Just had a great webinar with our #GLXP teams on blogging and online outreach. Can't wait to see what they post in the next week.

Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE Announces Hire of Senior Director Eric Cahill - X PRIZE Foundation press release

Robot of the Week: Nereus, underwater robot reaches bottom of Mariana Trench - The Launch Pad -

The X PRIZE Foundation is proud to be exploring new incentive prizes that could drive innovation very similar to the Nereus voyage. While over 70% of the Earth's surface is covered by ocean, only 2% of the ocean's depths have been explored. The economic potential from mineral, fuel, biological, and medical discoveries should not be underestimated.

Healthcare X PRIZE - Additional Questions and Answers - Healthcare X PRIZE blog
Measuring Health Value - Shifting the Paradigm - Healthcare X PRIZE blog