Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Prize Update: June 28-30 (Part 2) - Interstellar Probe, Beam Team Tests, OSTP, GLXP Updates, NewSpace Business Plans, Masten Plans

This isn't about space prizes, but it's by someone involved with space prizes:

Interstellar Probe How-to
Interstellar Probe How-to Part 2 - Life in the Milky Way (Dave Masten)

@wikkit - We'll be flying with our second aluminum chamber this week. Some manufacturing mods, will be interesting to see how it goes.

The Google Lunar X PRIZE JURBAN Team A Diverse Journey into Space
- press release at SpaceRef

Students and Faculty Members Are Among Competitors for $30-Million Space Prize - The Chronicle of Higher Education

White House wants prizes for innovators - Federal Computer Week (link from X PRIZE Foundation news scroller)

Briefs: NewSpace Business Plan Competition finalists; Conference preview - RLV News - Note that one of the finalists is Next Giant Leap (a Google Lunar X PRIZE team) and another is Flagsuit, LLC (derived from an Astronaut Glove Challenge win).

@OmegaEnvoy -

RT @OE_Rover Made it to Resolute Bay, population 300. Waiting for the weather to clear up so I can finish my journey to Devon Island. #GLXP
FOX National News picks up our Devon Island story. Can you find the typo though?
http://bit.ly/xbFYs #GLXP
Central Florida Future has a feature on us today: http://bit.ly/J8fsd #GLXP

@glxp -

Cringely still aiming for Moon: "it’s a little harder to do, you see, when there isn’t a $20 million payday at the end" http://bit.ly/CAsTf
And the Winner of the $1 Million Netflix Prize (Probably) Is … - NYTimes.com http://bit.ly/lHNgn
Have you seen ChallengePost? Another clearinghouse for incentive prizes http://bit.ly/y4BJ2

This is from the linked Cringely post:

Team Cringely, on the other hand, still expects to reach the Moon by 2011 and will by fall have a number of announcements on that front including major technical alliances, major corporate sponsorships, and a global TV deal. And this is no stunt: we’re working with NASA’s Goddard Space Center to answer a long list of important scientific questions until we use-up our 24th and last rover.

Esther Dyson "needs help with ........ 2 challenges" at ChallengePost:

Genotyping the Astronauts
Terraforming Mars

Crazy Eddie at the Space Elevator Games has been blogging like, uh, crazy, after the week of testing. There's a bunch of recent team-specific posts and more. Here's a sample (and where you see a "part 4", you can be sure you can find the earlier parts if you look hard enough). There's a site navigation area on the right if you want to, for example, focus on the posts for a particular team.

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