Thursday, June 11, 2009

Space Prize Roundup - June 11, 2009

How NASA Can Keep Up with Star Trek (and China) in Space - Esquire - Private efforts like the Ansari X PRIZE and Google Lunar X PRIZE are mentioned.

New Scientist moon rock contest - Space for All

@Regolith_Chal - Are you a fan of Lunar exploration? Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of humanity's first giant leap with NASA:

The competition event is being moved to October 17-18, 2009. An announcement with more details will be coming out later today.

@glxp - You should definitely follow #GLXP team @NextGiantLeap who is tweeting from the MIT Apollo 40th celebration/symposium

Also tweeting from #GiantLeaps MIT Apollo Celebration is X PRIZE's own @ad_astra2 who heads the X PRIZE Lab at MIT.