Friday, July 03, 2009

Prize Roundup: July 2-3, 2009 - RegEx Comm Link, I2I, Win Ads, Masten Tests, Space Drink, SCAG Asteroid Deadline, Entrepreneur DEMOs, Nanotech Talk

Telerobotic Communications Link Update - Regolith Excavation Challenge - ... CSEWI will now be providing the portion of the communications link that will generate the required delay.

@Pomerantz - 2 entrepreneurs who announce their companies / products at the "DEMO" conference will win $1M worth of advertising:

Forbes video from the X PRIZE's recent i2i conference, part of their "America's Most Promising Companies" series:

From RLV News:

Briefs: UK space tourism; Guinness space tourism prize;
Briefs: Masten tests; British rocket test facilities refurbished
Briefs: Chartered Soyuz update; Tethered Armadillo - This reminds me of a scene out of "Terminator Salvation", but ...

Move An Asteroid 2009 Competition - I've posted on the competition itself already, but this stresses the deadline (July 26, 2009).

NANO-WIZARD TAKES THE PRIZE - Cosmic Log - I also mentioned this recently, but the linked post/interview/video go well beyond that. Also see A Nanotech Pioneer - Transterrestrial Musings.