Sunday, July 12, 2009

Quick Lunar Prize Roundup - July 11-12, 2009: Regolith Challenge, Ames MoonFest, NeutrinoFest, GLXP Updates

@Regolith_Chal - We will be exhibiting at the Moonfest event at NASA Ames on July 19. for event details.

NewSpace 2009 attendees: Note the MoonFest date and location. Here are some of the exhibitors:

Small Spacecraft Division, NASA Ames Research Center
Regolith Excavation Challenge - Information about the upcoming Regolith Excavation Challenge to take place at the NASA Research Park on October 16 and 17. Will make efforts to have an excavator on display. Will also seek to have a JSC-1A lunar regolith simulant sample on static display.

A Look at The 2009 Regolith Excavation Challenge - Luna C/I

@OmegaEnvoy - Our project has consisted of moving a mountain one stone at a time. Today we'll move a boulder as we control out rover in the arctic! #GLXP

Getting @OE_Rover online in arctic. Pretty cool, just tested camera controls. #GLXP

RT @OE_Rover Systems are coming online slowly. Here's a pic before getting in the hab

@teamfrednet - Twitter special: Sneak preview of Picorover thermal tests with Joshua's cat as guest star: #GLXP

We've got a new team fan page on Facebook: - still a WIP but you can already join!

@NextGiantLeap - Just got back from "Neutrino Day" Met Tom Durkin of the SD Space Grant Consortium there, synchronicity!

Neutrino Day is a festival associated with the in-progress Sanford Underground Laboratory at the Homestake (former gold) mine in the Black Hills.

@Bob_Richards - Really enjoying the beauty of my home planet today. Preparing for a big week on the Odyssey Moon front.