Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Now It's Masten's Turn

First Masten free flight; NG-LLC Level I attempt on Wed. - RLV News

Briefs: Masten NGLLC Level I flights; Level II lunar pad; Start of something big; - RLV News - In addition to other links, this one has a number of twitter accounts to follow. From that list, I have the Masten ones on the right-hand green panel at Space Prizes Twitter, but as I've mentioned before the panel only keeps the latest couple posts from each twitter account, and it tends to not like lots of refreshes. I do notice from that panel that NASA Centennial Challenges twitter is also there:

@NASAPrize: up early for Masten team lunar lander challenge flight attempt today

The X PRIZE folks are also there (and on that flaky panel) with Twitter:

@NGLLC09 - X PRIZE crew has arrived in Mojave! Now to get a few hours of sleep b4 the safety briefing at 5:30am PST tmrw. Pleasant dreams of Xombies...

@alias_amanda: In Mojave with @nickyjor for the Masten flights tmrw morning. Flights at 7am PST, I'll be live tweeting the events at @NGLLC09!

On the other, general space panel I have Robin Snelson's twitter account, the other account from the RLV News list. That panel also has

@jeff_foust - Up very early this morning to drive up to Mojave to see Masten's #NGLLC Level 1 attempt. More exciting than a Congressional hearing, right?

As for me, I'll be working, so I won't be posting on the attempt. Check RLV News and sites listed in those links above, and also the twitter accounts listed there and here.