Saturday, March 20, 2010

FAR Testing, Peter Homer on Space Show, Intel Award, Lunar LaserMotive?, Space Entry in Art Contest, more

Here are a bunch of prize-related tweets from the last few days that caught my attention. Note that the date references in them (like "today") are most likely out of date.

The first batch is about some rocket testing by former Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge teams. I wouldn't be surprised if they have more tweets throughout the day. One convenient place you can check is the ngllc-teams twitter list.

@glxp: Rockets! Rockets! Rockets! New blog post: #GLXP

@unrocket: Leaving for far eta 1230

At mojave am pm getting gas and fuel for the truck, 45 min to far

New gps ant mount, both lighter and stronger!

Blue Ball is ready, leaving for FAR in 11hrs, time enough to build new non-fragile GPS antenna mount. Off to the metal store....

@wikkit: Headed back out to FAR shortly. Will be camping under the stars guarding my rocket, maybe watch Moon on my laptop under the crescent moon.

@alias_amanda: - Treasure map acquired -- 'X' marks the spot where rockets will be launching tomorrow.

@LaserMotive: In addition to UAVs, we've been having discussions with people interested in powering lunar rovers.

@FLspacereport: Teen Girl Wins $100,000 Intel Science Award with Spaceflight Project.

@LBourgeois1: • View topic - Picorover

@TeamPrometheus: I posted 3 photos on Facebook in the album "Gimbal"

jetlab: JPL Wins 'Green Building Award': JPL's environmentally friendly Flight Projects Center received a "Green Bui...

@PTScientists: @glxp new headcount we now got 40 Part Time Scientists!

@SpaceShow: Peter Homer, President & Founder of FLAGSUIT LLC, is the guest this morning, 9:30-11:30 AM PDT. Listen live at

Note: digitalart is the twitter account for Jim Plaxco:

@digitalart: BLUECANVAS Art Contest and New Art: With A Flourish The folks over at BLUECANVAS Magazine are having an art conte...

dmasten: An interesting view of today's free flight from @wikkit - and ready for free flight. good flight. Prepping for free flight.

Heading out for a couple test flights today.

@arcaspace: Video journal entry 9 Videoclip from Mission 3 about Helen stage 1 being loaded onto 281 Constanta Navy ship.

@progautoxp: RT @PoulsenHybrid: Congrats to the 24 MIT Clean Energy Prize Semifinalist Teams. Who's your favorite?