Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Vision Circle and Radical Benefit for Humanity

The next five years of the X Prize - CNET:

In addition, it's planning on four other specific X Prizes: the AI Physician X Prize, which will be won by the first team to build an artificial intelligence system that can offer a medical diagnosis as good as or better than a diagnosis from a group of 10 board-certified doctors; the Autonomous Automobile X Prize, which will go to a team that designs a car capable of beating a top-seeded driver in a Gran Prix race; an unnamed X Prize for generating an organ from a terminal patient's own stem cells, transplanting the organ into the patient, and having that person live for a year; and another unnamed prize for building a deep-sea submersible that scientists could use to explore the ocean floor and gather complex data.

Here's more about the X PRIZE meeting and Radical Benefit for Humanity the article discusses:

@PeterDiamandis: Working hard on Human 2.0 X Prizes w great group... Dean Kamen, Ratan Tata, Scott Hassan, Daniel Kraft, Andrew Hessel. Very Cool ideas!

Top ideas in Human 2.0- Bionic Legs, Diabetes, Stem Cell, Robotics, Martian life...

energy XP concepts: Robo Car competition; Solar Design Challenge- Making solar beautiful+ integrated; the ePod- Radically push storage tech

Top 3 x prize concepts voted by advisors, trustees + donors: 1)Low Cost Housing, 2)AI Physician, + 3)Bionics X Legs... Very cool.

X PRIZE Benefit last night @LucasFilm, big success. Great talk by Larry Page, Sergey Brin (by robot) and Robin Williams. Millions raised...

Thankful to Rob McEwen for $2M, Peter Farrell for $1M match, Scott Hassan, Sarah Brightman, Kimberly Swedy, Harry Diamandis, Rena David+more