Monday, August 30, 2010

Prize Roundup: XHab Award, Zero-G Benefit, CRuSR Test Flights, ARLISS, Lunar Architecture, More

Today is the "anticipated award date" for the inflatable structure eXploration Habitat (X-Hab) Academic Innovation Challenge, and we already have:

@glxp: Congrats! RT @nathanpwong: Just found out my team got accepted for the xhab competition.

A Personal Odyssey - Bob Richards: B-LOG - Musings on our Future in Space, Earth and Life.

Armadillo Aerospace & Masten Space to get $475k from NASA - RLV News

ZERO-G flight with James Cameron benefits X-PRIZE Foundation - RLV News

Google Lunar X-Prize teams progress - Lunar Networks

Moon Capital: A Commercial Gateway to the Moon - Commercial Space Gateway gives another look at this competition I mentioned in the previous post.

Weare NH Project ARLISS - The Goffstown Edge

X PRIZE, Govt. of India & IIT Delhi Announce Partnership to Create Global Competition to Develop Clean-Burning Cookstoves - X PRIZE Foundation press release