Saturday, September 11, 2010

Space Prize Roundup: Masten Members, NYC Maker Faire, NWEN, New Huntsville Team, More

Here's some updates from some NASA Centennial Challenge winning teams and team members:
New crew lineup at Masten Space - RLV News

Transitions - Selenian Boondocks

@wikkit: As requested by @QuantumG, a short video of the short pulsejet run. It seems almost as loud as the rockets.

Cryofrost grows around cables like a tree around a wound.

@paulsrobotics: Moonraker will most likely be on display in the #WPI Robotics booth at the NYC Maker Faire! Look out for us if you're in the area!

LaserMotive Makes NWEN First Look Forum Top 20 - LaserMotive

There's been a lot of activity with current and future space prizes, too. For the Google Lunar X PRIZE:

Google Lunar X PRIZE Roundup #28 - Luna C/I: Moon Colonization and Integration, covering a wide swath of time

You've probably already heard about the new team:

New Google Lunar X PRIZE Team: Rocket City Space Pioneers! - Luna C/I: Moon Colonization and Integration

Rocket City Space Pioneers announce entry into Google Lunar X Prize competition - Huntsville Newswire

Dynetics Chases Google Lunar X Prize - - photos from the Huntsville Times

Orion Propulsion, now part of Dynetics, was part of the LunaTrex team. Draper Laboratory is also part of the Next Giant Leap team. I might speculate that the Rocket City Space Pioneers could work mainly with a different part of Draper - their Huntsville office.

Space entrepreneurship forum at Congressional Black Caucus conference - RLV News

Google Lunar X PRIZE Summit to be Held on the Isle of Man - X PRIZE Foundation

Here's some other news: - RLV News

Some progress... - Unreasonable Rocket
An Orbital Vehicle Part 1 - Unreasonable Rocket

Student Rocketeers Wanted For World's Largest Amateur Launch - Team America Rocketry Challenge Opens Registration -