Thursday, October 28, 2010

Prize Roundup: Space Prize Jobs, LaserMotive Demo, Moon_Ex, SpaceX Awards, More

EuroSpaceward announces EuSEC - the first European Space Elevator Challenge! - The Space Elevator Blog

LaserMotive Plans Laser-Powered Free Flier Endurance Demo - LaserMotive - On twitter, @lasermotive has been posting a lot of updates and pictures of the demo.

Here are a couple space prize job opportunities:

@NASA_Technology: schingler we are hiring! @nasa_technology position to lead prizes at NASA #opengov #gov20

@glxp: SpaceWorks Engineering has commercial space job opps: (mentions "participation in competitive space prizes")

2011 University Rover Challenge sponsored by TASC - Space for All

@SpcPlcyOnline: Student Essay Competition Reminder: Win Over $700!
@spacecom: NASA Deputy Garver Receives WIA Award: Deputy NASA Administrator Lori GarverNASA PRESS RELEASEFour current NASA le...
@digitalart: Vote for Desire in the Artexpo Artist Challenge:
@yachachiq: The Economist-InnoCentive Disruptive Innovation Challenge:
@PeterDiamandis: Attending TEDMED. Focused on discussing AI Physician, Tricorder + Archon X Prize. Lots of SU family here.
@Lori_Garver: Judging the NASA HQ Halloween Costume Contest this morning. Can’t wait to see the creativity of NASA in action!
@SpaceXer: This week Elon Musk named 1 of Top 40 Business Leaders Under 40 by Fortune & 1 of the 49 Most Influential Men in 2010 by
More awards! Falcon9 makes C4ISR Journal “Big 25” 4 reducing costs of launching com&recon spacecraft -
@Moon_Ex: Our official media release is out: @Moon_Ex enters $30M @GLXP competition @XPRIZE