Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Prize Roundup: Robo-Ops Challenge, Sagan Essay, NSS Podcast, Armadillo Burst Guess

@nss: Check out this podcast just released by incoming NSS Public Affairs VP Lynne Zielinski on student competitions: http://bit.ly/co7wrB

@NASA_Ames: @NASAKepler + @SETIInstitute have posted all Sagan Essay finalists. What's your fav? Winner announced 11/9! http://bit.ly/dncERX

@wikkit: (1/2) Tomorrow we burst the first 48" tank. Guess burst pressure, win Armadillo shirt sz XL and patch. Guesses to wikkit@gmail.com, in PSIG.
(2/2) Sheet is Al 5059-H136, 0.25", spun to 24" internal radius by AMS, TIG welded together. Burst at ambient temp. Hint: http://is.gd/gSIz2
NASA/NIA to Sponsor Student Planetary Rover Challenge - SpaceRef:

NASA and the National Institute of Aerospace or NIA in Hampton, Va., have launched a new planetary rover engineering competition called Exploration Robo-Ops Student Challenge.