Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lego Elevators, Pocket Airports, SGAC and Heinlein Trust, LPI T's, Spheres, More

LASER 2010 - The Space Elevator Blog covers the Lego bricks Activity and Space Elevator Race competitions.

Faster and Greener - Pocket Airports (PDF) - The CAFE Foundation - Here's an bit from the abstract:

The potential aeronautical, environmental and societal benefits of on-demand, distributed, Green air travel are examined along with the urgencies and opportunities that pertain. A proposal is presented to rapidly bring about these benefits by extending NASA’s Centennial Challenge for Aeronautics, the Green Flight Challenge (GFC), into a sequence of two additional flight competitions, GFC II and III.

LaserMotive Wins NW Startup Demo - LaserMotive has more details on a win I briefly mentioned in my last post.

List of significant parts.... - Unreasonable Rocket

Zephyr Aurora: Taking Shape [25]
Zephyr Aurora: Taking Shape [24]
Zephyr Aurora: Taking Shape [23] - All from Team Phoenicia

And now for some tweets:

@ISS_Research: 12/16 watch ISS student zero robotics challenge: #NASA #ISS #education

@SGAC: SGAC Partners with the Heinlein Prize Trust to Support the 2011 Future Project Contest

@JUXTOPIA_JURBAN: 1st African American Owned Commercial Space Company Launched during Juxtopia Urban Learning Technology Conference @ Morgan State University

Phezu Space, LLC will design and build commercial space on-orbit service vehicles.

@dmasten: Launch vehicle erector trailer works.

@MyMoonLPI: NEW! #MyMoonLPI contest: submit a MyMoon tshirt design:

@ConradAwards: In the Spirit of Innovation... -