Sunday, April 08, 2012

6th CAFE Electric Aircraft Symposium and the Green Flight Challenge

The dates for The 6th Annual CAFE Electric Aircraft Symposium are April 27-28.  According to the CAFE Foundation Electric Aircraft page, the Green Flight Challenge II will be introduced at the symposium.  Assuming that is still planned, it will be interesting to see if NASA is contributing prize money this time, and if Google will be sponsoring the event again.  The preliminary program for the event includes a number of presentations related to the Green Flight Challenge, including the following samples:

April 27
08:05 Lessons Learned From the Green Flight Challenge, Jack Langelaan, Penn. St. Univ.
08:40 The 403.5 pMPG Pipistrel Taurus G4, Tine Tomazic, Pipistrel
10:20 The GFC Quickie’s Amazing Performance, Gene Sheehan, Team Feuling GFC

April 28
10:20 The CAFE Green Flight Challenge Program, Brien Seeley, CAFE Foundation
14:30 CAFE Electric Flight Demonstration at STS: Includes GFC Team Feuling’s eQuickie, Team IKE Aerospace’s Seraph, Team GSE’s Hybrid Pusher and others.

Other topics include "Real World Life with the Tesla Roadster" (once considered a potential Automotive X PRIZE contender), "Licensing of Electric Aircraft: FAA’s Plans" (commercial space transport isn't the only field with new FAA considerations!), several presentations on batteries, themed dinners, a visit to the CAFE Flight Test Center, and more.

Pipistrel’s Flight Through Wine Country - CAFE Foundation blog - This presents a Google Earth video view of the flight.

Also, here is a detailed and informative NASA Edge video about last year's challenge: 2011 Green Flight Challenge