Friday, June 22, 2012

Prize Roundup: Sample Return Event and Future, NewSpace Biz Plan, Diamandis Interview, Final Frontier Design, More

Finalists for the $110,000 NewSpace2012 Business Plan Competition Have Been Selected - NewSpace Business Plan Competition

Here are some photo sets and summaries of the recently-held Sample Return Robot Centennial Challenge and associated festival at WPI.  As you can tell from the excerpts I've pulled out, it will be interesting to see what, if anything, happens with the challenge in the future.

NASA Centennial Challenge, Touch Tomorrow Draw 7,000 Visitors to WPI - WPI Connection: 

“Touch Tomorrow, which we hope will become an annual event, is designed to inspire young people, their families and teachers through exposure to and interaction with advanced aerospace and robotics technology.”


Stafford said NASA will continue the Centennial Challenge competition at WPI again next year.

“Absolutely. We are happy with it, and from everything I’ve heard, NASA is thrilled by our venue. We will  certainly endeavor to have it. It will be a different competition site, but it will be hosted by WPI.”

Sample Return Robot Return Challenge at WPI Concludes - NASA
20120616 Robot Challenge - Photo set from NASAHQ with detailed descriptions attached to each photo
No bot wins robot challenge - Cosmic Log
Update from the Challenge - Sample Return Robot Challenge at WPI - From the comments:

The decision on whether or not this challenge will continue still needs to be discussed and decided. The goal is to have a decision and announcement on the future of this challenge as soon as possible.

Tongal/NASA Zero Robotics Video Challenge - Space for All

Utah State wins 2012 University Student Launch Project rocketry challenge - Space for All

2013 NASA Space Settlement Design Contest - NASA Hack Space

Students compete with Revolutionary Aerospace Systems Concepts - RLV News

X Prize Founder Peter Diamandis Has His Eyes on the Future - Wired - This interview has the following interesting note on a potential X PRIZE: 

The Tri-State Carbon Capture X Prize is 50 percent funded. Sequestering carbon from a coal plant’s smokestack currently takes up to 30 percent of the plant’s energy. An energy company called Tri-State has put up not only half of the money but one of its plants as a test bed. Teams will tap the facility’s effluent at full pressure, temperature, and CO2 concentration. The team that captures the most CO2 and turns it into the most valuable product takes the prize.

Final Frontier Design creating budget space suit for private space industry - GizMag

New York startup pitches commercial spacesuit on Kickstarter - Wired.Co.UK on the second place winners of the final Astronaut Glove Challenge