Thursday, June 07, 2012

Student Prize Roundup: Lunabotics, Conrad Awards, X-Hab, URC, RASC-AL, WPI hosting Sample Return Robot Challenge

Alabama robotics team takes home first prize - The Crimson White on the winners of the 2012 NASA Lunabotics Mining Competition, Alabama Lunabotics

2012-2013 Spirit of Innovation Challenge now open! - Spirit of Innovation Challenge (Conrad Challenge)

NASA Selects Five Universities For 2013 X-Hab Innovation Challenge - NASA

2012 University Rover Challenge Doesn’t Fail to Excite - Mars Society - The Mars Society also has photos from the event: URC 2012 photos.  The winner is York University, and they also have a lot of photos: York University Rover Team @ URC 2012

Won Robo-Ops! - Oryx 2.0: A Planetary Exploration Mobility Platform,Worcester Polytechnic Institute's 2012 RASC-AL Exploration Robo-Ops - You can see more posts and photos on that site.

It's not a student-only competition, but the Worcester Polytechnic Institute is also the host of the Sample Return Robot Centennial Challenge competition that will be held about a week from now.  They've made a number of updates since I last mentioned the competition and the festival that goes with it at TouchTomorrow.  It looks like it will be a big event.  Also see the Team Bios at NASA and the latest WPI SRR blog post: Daily Schedule Posted.