Saturday, April 07, 2007

some Lunar Lander Challenge links

Having posted about Armadillo and Masten, I thought it would be good to post links to some of the other Lunar Lander Challenge competitors. This is not an official list; it's just the teams I know of that have announced interest in the 2007 challenge. I think all of them were at Space Access '07, but I missed them (and a lot of other talks). I have not followed this particular space prize that closely because I still hope the excellent Lunar Lander Challenge blog will be doing that (I have a family, full time work, school, hobbies, etc ... I can't cover every space prize the way I'd like!). Here are the ones I've heard of for 2007:

Paragon Labs
Unreasonable Rocket
Armadillo Aerospace
Masten Space Systems (Also see Selenian Boondocks at the right).