Saturday, April 07, 2007

Space Elevator blog continues to crank out articles

The Space Elevator blog (link to the right) has been pounding out posts. A lot of their posts are relevant to Space Prizes, and specifically the 2 Space Elevator Centennial Challenges. I advise you to check with them regularly. Here is a sampling of their recent prize-related posts:

possible German space elevator competition with draft rules linked
2006 Space Elevator games video
22 teams registered for 2007 Space Elevator challenges
21 teams registered from around the world
expect carbon nanotubes at Space Elevator tether challenge?
Ken Davidian on the Space Show and comments on the Space Elevator challenge (Ken's comments make total sense to me and show how both NASA and allied organizations benefit from the Centennial Challenges - and as I mentioned in an earlier post this is a very interesting interview)

... and many more. Just check it out periodically if you're interested in Space Elevators, NASA Centennial Challenges, space applications of tethers (space elevators or not), or space applications of beamed power (space elevators or not).